About me!

The writing bug bit me suddenly. Actually, not quite so suddenly. I’ve always wanted to write,  but never showed the resolve to do so. And then one day the resolution happened in a flash. Writing primarily as a kind of a soothing balm, stripping away the dust and din of the day’s activities and finding solace in solitude, is the aim — and who knows, I may eventually develop into a passable writer.

At an industry event in Kuwait @ 2011

I work for an oil company and frequently move countries for duration between two and five years. This puts me in an envious position of being able to observe and imbibe many different cultures, traditions and practices. I am not completely sure what I will write about, but I guess some of my posts will incorporate these experiences of far-off distant lands.

Age, or rather, maturity, gives a unique perspective on happenings that is perhaps lost on the youth. Having crossed the Rubicon of half a century, reminiscences and nostalgia are bound to play some part in my digital scribbles.

A foodie, chocoholic, musicophile, amateur photographer and now elementary blogger, a very warm WELCOME! Thank you for passing by.

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